Music & Friendship

Music & Friendship


I was fortunate to be able to attend the Munich show again this year. In fact, after setting up the room, four days of exhibiting & packing up, I am now de-compressing in the Netherlands with my colleagues and friends, getting my energy back and ignoring my jet-lag.

One of the pleasures of such events is catching up with friends from all over the world. I really look forward to the dinners in particular, where everyone lets their hair down, shares stories, laughs and bonds over a mutual love of music & hi-fi.

I noticed more than ever this year that these gatherings are different to the dinners you have back home in your ‘normal’ life. Given how little time you actually spend with these people, the bonds formed and the depth to which you get to know them is extraordinary. There seems to be an enduring affection, esteem, intimacy and trust that is deeper than the ‘average’ liaisons we experience.

After one of these dinners I had a strange thought. I imagined the situation that I had passed away and my wife had to decide which one of my friends would give my eulogy. Which friend was in the best position to pay tribute to my life?

Would it be one of my childhood friends? There are a lot of innocent, beautiful memories shared with this group that have known me for the longest time. Would it be one of my teenage or high school friends? Those awkward, formative years are filled with rich times. Or would it be one of my university mates?

Would it be one of my work friends, or neighbours, or family friends? Would it be a friend that I played sport with, or travelled with? Would it be a friend that I met later in my life, someone who knows the ‘today’ me?

Would it be someone who I have political debates with, or someone who shares my love of this hobby or that?

Of course this is an odd mental exercise with no answer and I hope that this decision does not have to be made any time soon. However, it did raise an interesting idea for me. I feel that a friend who has spent time listening to music with me would be a great choice.

When I share my favourite music, I love to tell people why I love this song, why this lyric brings tears to my eyes, why I adore this artist, why this song reminds me of someone special. I share why the song holds such an emotional connection for me. Why does this song inspire me, or remind me of my father? Why have I listened to this track a thousand times? Why do I find so much meaning in that song?

All of these conversations give insights into my deeper self. They will not reveal what car I drive or what school I went to. But they will reveal a lot about my heart and soul, they will tell you WHO I am.

If someone has witnessed me grooving to a song, or blissing out, or jumping out of my chair in excitement, or shaking my head in disbelief, or shedding a tear….they can tell you a lot about my inner world, hopes and dreams.

What about you?

Do you feel that the people that share your passion for music know you in a unique way?