Titanium Finish

Titanium Finish

Our components use aerospace grade aluminium alloys (which contain Magnesium and Zirconium compounds) and are specifically chosen for their damping and structural properties. This material base can be anodized in standard colours such as Black matt and Silver matt. This provides a high-quality surface finish and is used with many high-end audio products. Our Titanium finish uses a far more complex specialised surface treatment technology and coating process. It is a ceramic-like coating that hardens the surface and provides additional shielding properties to the covered surface areas.

Our Titanium version is an upgrade to the surface finish to provide an extremely hard-wearing surface finish which is difficult to achieve without very specialised surface coating technology. The surface finishing technology is an extremely hard ceramic-like material, often used as a physical vapor deposition on aluminium alloy components to improve the substrate’s surface properties. Applied as a thin coating, it is used to harden and protect surfaces and adds a decorative “golden hue” to the appearance. It is non-toxic coating which is even safe for medical implants. In most applications a coating of less than 15 micrometres is applied.

We also use a proprietary electroless process to add additional alloy metals to soften the finish to achieve a satin look instead of bright shiny polished finish. The process involves multiple service providers each performing highly specialised steps to prepare the substrate for the next additive process. It requires an extremely clean work-space, process monitoring and filtration standards.

When Döhmann Audio components are processed, strict procedures are followed to ensure that only the parts from the one turntable are processed through the surface coating tanks and chambers at the one point in time. Although this process is costly, it prevents cross-contaminants from entering the tanks after the surface coatings have been prepared for deposition onto our parts. This exclusivity ensures the highest standards are achieved and contributes to the cost of the finish vs standard anodising. The additional steps to apply the coating involves several highly specialised technology providers from the Australian aerospace industry. Our suppliers are fully accredited surface coating solutions providers to the Defence industry including current Joint Strike Fighter applications.

Through extensive research and development, we have been able to overcome the inherent challenges involved with titanium style coatings. The visual and aesthetic properties are an added benefit to the underlying structural and longevity the substrate will enjoy for a lifetime.