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This turntable gives an insight into the recording that’s nothing short of jaw-dropping. It’s a platform that deserves and demands the best arms and cartridges – preferably two of each – and the finest phono stages known to humanity. Still, you are rewarded with a level of sound quality previously only open to those in the studio control room when recording. And that it hints at still more from its vacuum hold-down platter when it arrives must make it a strong contender for the very best in LP replay today. It really is that good!
Alan Sircom


This turntable exudes complete authority and control, and never leaves you feeling that there’s more to be extracted from the grooves or that anything is being withheld dynamically, spatially, or in terms of detail resolution. It put Monk’s piano right in the room.
Michael Fremer


No turntable in my experience comes close to its sonic performance and you are guaranteed to hear your favourite LP’s, indeed all of your LP’s, as you’ve never before heard them – I don’t care what ‘table you use or have heard.
Michael Fremer

The Audio Beat

the Helix One reproduced with impressive naturalness, detail and low-end power.
The Audio Beat

M & S best of 2018: Helix 1

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Döhmann Helix One listed in Best of 2018

Helix Two Press & Reviews

Hi-Fi Choice Recommended

Choice Exotica
After a great review from Hi-Fi Choice titled ‘Vinylista’s Valhalla’, the Dohmann Audio Helix Two Mk3 was recognised as a Hi-Fi Choice Recommended Component.

Analog Planet

Even though Helix series’ tables have traditionally landed in the higher end of the SRP spectrum in terms of what we lean toward reviewing these days, they are indeed worthy of our aspirational attention as being both performance marvels and, frankly, works of art.
Analog Planet

Review: Positive Feedback Brutus Award Döhmann Helix Two Mk.3 turntable 2022


The Dohmann Audio Helix Two turntable, along with the Schroder CB-11 tonearm and the Phasemation PP-2000 cartridge were awarded a Positive Feedback Brutus Award in recognition to their contribution to the audio arts in 2022.

Positive Feedback & Creative Forum for the Audio Arts

Spoiler alert: First off, the Helix Two MK2 Turntable isn’t just “really good” or merely “outstanding”; it’s a remarkable turntable, a global-level, first-class turntable. And it does all that it does in such a compact footprint that I’m hard-pressed to find a comparison. In my experience, there are only a few turntables that do so many things right without turning into some awful bit of audio sprawl. The Helix Two MK2 should fit in just about any audiophile’s system… So the Helix Two climbs to my very short list of first-rank, top o’ the heap turntables with a single, mighty bound. Mark Dohmann and company deserve very high praise for a turntable that is such an intelligent and well-engineered design.
Positive Feedback

Positive Feedback & Creative Forum for the Audio Arts

Mark Dohmann, the brilliant designer at Dohmann Audio, has been known to me for a number of years. He was a key driving force behind Continuum, a legendary turntable brand from years ago, now departed. His Caliburn turntable was generally considered one of the very best… if not the best… LP spinners of its generation… Mark’s work is stellar, and is the foundation of the synergy that emerged with this playback chain.
Positive Feedback

Dohmann Helix II Mk2 Soundstage 2019 Product of the Year

Helix Two is awarded the Soundstage! Australia Product of the Year 2019 Award

The Döhmann Audio Helix Two Mk2 has been selected as the winner of the SoundStage! Australia Products of the Year 2019 Award in the Innovation in Design category. This is an annual award given by the SoundStage! Network which places importance on a product that offers a point of difference in terms of unique features, advanced engineering or innovative design.

Sound Stage Australia

The Helix Two will keep you listening to music and re-experiencing its elevating pleasures. Mr Döhmann and his team have created yet another Aussie engineering and artistic marvel, further compounding Australia’s rep for awe-inspiring natural and man-made wonders…
Sound Stage Australia

haute fidelite

It goes even further than what you thought you could expect from a turntable and the fact that it clearly outperforms anything that we have ever listened to until now is a huge surprise.
Haute Fidelite

As with its bigger brother, the Helix 2 turntable has to be heard to be believed. The wide-open world of sound it releases from a vinyl groove is spine-tinglingly staggering.
Sound and Image

Lotus Hifi logo

…although it’s possible (but not provable) that it’s the best deck I’ve ever heard, it is most certainly, hand on heart, the very best turntable I have ever set up, sold, or had in my home.
Richard Morris

What Our Customers Say

During my annual visit at the High End Show in Munich, I always listen as closely as possible to every new Super-Turntable that gets demonstrated to the public. As many of them carry price tags of 200K-500K Euros, it is no surprise that almost all of them sound a lot better than my 7 year old Dohmann Audio Helix One Mk.1. Now, in May 2023, during his attendance at the Munich Show, Mark Doehmann upgraded my Helix One to the current Mk.3 status and I was hoping for a sonic step big enough to significantly lessen my desire for one of those Super-Decks.

What I received was the best Turntable I’ve ever heard and in every sonic category I can think of I was shocked! It extracts so much more information, so much more music, from records I thought I knew, it’s unbelievable. Instruments have so much more character, voices sound so much more real, so much more present. The artists musical expression by microscopic variations in their playing is so much clearer now. Even annoyingly bad sounding records are now quite enjoyable, average records now sound like audiophile pressings and the good one’s closer to a live concert than I ever expected to hear in my listening room. I still regularly shake my head in disbelief, whenever I rediscover another record of my collection.

And I didn’t have to pay 200K Euros (or more) for it. I didn’t have to buy a new turntable. In fact, I didn’t even have to send my Helix around the Globe and back. This upgrade was the best money I’ve ever spend on my stereo system by far. I cannot thank Mark and his team enough for not only developing and producing this engineering marvel, but for also offering this upgrade to existing customers.

Manfred, Germany
The Helix One Mk3 is not a turntable, it’s a time machine.
Dr. Ross, Australia
I have been a devotee of this hobby for a decades and I’ve seen it all. I’ve got a very satisfying system and there’s not much that excites me compared to the sound that I have cultivated here. So when friends of mine told me about this Dohmann turntable that they heard at someone’s house, I didn’t pay much attention because people get excited by a lot of new gear but years later you realise it was all a fad. Eventually, I joined them one night and heard it and suffice to say, I was shocked at how it played music. I thought that I had already found my ‘final’ turntable but soon afterwards, I sold it on Audiogon and bought myself a Helix One Mk2. It has re-invigorated my love of vinyl playback and music in general. It is so quiet and revealing that familiar, well known records feel new and interesting, revealing previously unknown detail. Single-handedly the most enjoyable and important component I have ever had in my possession.
John, U.S.A
I was relatively happy with my sound until I heard a Dohmann Helix Two Mk3. I ordered one and when it took place in my system, it communicated an emotional honesty that I have never heard before or since. A genuine destination product.
George, UK.
When you thought, you already were listening to an absurd level of analog playback Mark Döhmann again surprises you by introducing the HELIX TWO Mk3 upgrades that takes listening to music yet again to a whole new level. The improvements are NOT subtle in literally EVERY analog dimension: space, detail, harmonics, flow, definition, range etc. I instantly noticed the substantially reduced noise floor that teleports you right into the recording in a surreal realistic manner. Mark’s latest tool is the new Mk3 Record Clamp, a highly effective and brilliant piece of engineering that further perfects the new Mk3-package. Mr. Döhmann keeps surprising us and for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to listen to it yet, please do not be fooled by the little … “Mk3” … as in fact this machine should be called the HELIX THREE or to be biologically correct and maybe even better the DOUBLE HELIX
GJ, The Netherlands
This is pure music, nothing added, nothing in the way. That’s the biggest compliment that I can give any component.
Lawrence, Hong Kong
Hi Döhmann Audio, I was listening to the Analog Productions Clarity Kind of Blue and Black vinyl Dave Brubeck Time Out recently. I could not believe the amount of information your turntable gets off both records. Sat there amazed. Depth and soundstage width/stability is incredible. Speed stability off the charts. Vocals are easier to understand. I could go on, but you know it already. Magnificent achievement. Thanks again.
RC, Australia
You answered to my email. I was at a low point due to the lockdowns in my country and the problems with my turntable. Your video showing how to get the lobes to align was incredible. Without your help and patience I would have never got the arm to work. I am sincerely and forever grateful to you for taking the time to help a complete unknown that didn’t even buy the arm from you. God bless you and your family and that your company keeps growing so that you reap the benefits from your work.
Roberto, Spain