Mk2 and Mk3 Generation Differences

Döhmann Turntables are Upgradable

Döhmann Audio turntables maintain the same platform throughout their evolution, which means that they are fully upgradable at any point in time. This gives the customer the peace of mind that their investment will not be obsoleted in a few years. Research and development on new technologies is never-ending and when enough new innovations and technologies have been developed which result in a significant sonic upgrade, a new generation of turntables is launched. Döhmann Audio refer to these generations as ‘Mk’s’, as ‘Mark 1, Mark 2, etc’.

Helix One Mk3 Schematic

The Döhmann Mk3 Improvements Over the Mk2 Version

New Bearing

The new bearing uses a Tungsten Carbide thrust pad and incorporates a section of extremely hard metal (chromium, cobalt and nickel alloy).

It has a different internal shape designed by computer modelling for efficiency of motion.

New DC Power Supply

The new power supply incorporates a new circuit that has electro-filtration, noise suppression and a new bank of high-quality, small footprint capacitors that absorb EMF back wave energy.

This results in a very dynamic sound with smoothness and extremely low noise floor.

New Drive System

This is a complete re-design with lots of new tech. New software, new firmware, a new pulley and a new drive controller that integrates with the motor in a smoother way.

The result is more smoothness, virtually no harmonics and better control. Speed accuracy is even better.

Improved Platter Design

The new platter has the same external dimensions, however, it has a higher effective mass. This is achieved by using a heavier mix of elements and a new mass distribution technique (finite element loading) that results in a perfect density distribution of mass throughout the platter body. The is an overall improvement in resolution, but in particular, low frequency heft, weight and articulation.

New RSA Resonance Control Technology

RSA means Resonance Suppression Architecture. From the very beginning, Döhmann Audio has been highly focussed on removing or minimising resonances. At the moment that a stylus is moving through a record groove and converting vibrational energy into an electrical signal, any extra vibration that is present at that moment is adding unwanted input into the signal. It manifests as a form of distortion but more importantly, it blankets further micro information that is present in the groove at that moment.

We have succeeded over the years in mitigating a huge amount of resonance energy (vibration), however, in the Mk3 we went further. RSA is a term that refers to the introduction of two new materials that are inserted into hollow chambers at critical locations within the turntable. Our research uncovered that these two materials have an unprecedented ability to target specific frequency spectrums and these frequency spectrums are a critical part of the audible range. By adding these materials to the architecture of the turntable, we have achieved an even greater lowest noise floor and detail rendition.

New Advanced Composite Armboard (ACA)

One of our signature technologies is the floating armboard which made a huge improvement to the sound. Measurements later revealed that despite the fact that the armboard was completely de-coupled, airborne vibrations from the music playing in the room were still present. In the Mk2, we then went from using a solid aluminium armboard to an Advanced Composite Armboard  (ACA). This incorporated a radical new polymer developed by a company in Texas that makes bullet-proof vests and armour for the military. This material absorbed resonance energy better than any other material known to us. In the Mk3 ACA, we have developed this further by adding another two materials in the sandwich. Sonically, it presents as a greater lowering of the noise floor and greater detail retrieval.

New Record Clamp With RSA Resonance Control

In recent times, we developed the ability to measure the resonance profile of a vinyl record during normal playback. To our surprise, we discovered two previously undetected vibrations, one moving through the record and another moving along the top surface of a record. Mark Döhmann designed a new record clamp that contains two new materials designed to absorb those specific frequencies. Placing the record clamp so that it makes contact with the vinyl record removes most of this unwanted energy, resulting in a significant improvement in resolution, a lowering of the noise floor, soundstage and flow.

The Helix One Now Has Two ACA’s

The Helix One Mk3 now has the new ACA in both armboard locations as standard.

Helix Two Mk3 Titanium

Döhmann Helix One Legacy

  • The Helix One was launched at the Munich High End show in May 2015 and was manufactured till January 2019.
  • The Helix One Mk2 was manufactured from February 2019 till September 2022.
  • The Helix One Mk3 was launched in October 2022 and is the current model.
  • Please note that all previous versions can be upgraded to Mk3 specification.

Döhmann Helix Two Legacy

  • The Helix Two was launched at the Munich High End show in May 2017 and was manufactured till August 2019.
  • The Helix Two Mk2 was manufactured from September 2019 till September 2022.
  • The Helix Two Mk3 was launched in October 2022 and is the current model.
  • Please note that all previous versions can be upgraded to Mk3 specification.