Dohmann Helix One wins Vietnam Hi-End 2019 Award

Döhmann Helix wins award at Vietnam Hi-End 2019

December 2019

Son Ha Audio exhibited the Döhmann Audio Helix One turntable, partnered with Boulder amplification and Kaiser loudspeakers at the 2019 Vietnam High End International Show in November. At the conclusion of the show, the Helix One was awarded the Editor’s Choice Award for the best sounding turntable at the show. Döhmann Audio would like to thank the wonderful efforts of the team at Son Ha Audio for putting on a great show. We are proud to support the promotion of analogue in Vietnam.

Dohmann Helix 2

Döhmann Audio release the new Helix 2 Mk2

October 2019

Döhmann Audio have released an updated version of the Helix 2, called the Mk2 version.

It incorporates a new custom made Swiss motor, new internal electronics, an outboard power supply, speed adjust functionality and some new improved high frequency absorption technology. The upgrades take what is already a premium performance turntable and make it even better with an even lower noise floor, improved dynamics, resolution and timing.

High End Munchen

Döhmann Audio at Munich High End 2019

April 2019

Döhmann Audio will be exhibiting at the Ypsilon room at the Munich High End Show (May 9-12) which will be at Room E110, Atrium 4.1.

The highly anticipated system will feature a new Helix One turntable by Döhmann Audio, digital source and amplification from Ypsilon Electronics and a rare pair of the new Phoenix loudspeakers from Peak Consult.

We welcome you to attend the show and visit our room – we’d love to meet you!

Helix One turntable right side view

Helix One Upgrade Availability

February 2019

The new Helix One upgrades will now be available in mid-2019.

CES Exhibit 2019

Döhmann Audio at CES Las Vegas 2019

January 2019

A Helix One with a new PowerBase and carbon fibre top plate along with a Schroder CB tonearm and MySonic Labs Ultra Eminent EX cartridge teamed up with top of the line Lamm electronics, the Stiletto 1 Hifi stand from Soul to Sole, the Kharma Exquisite Classique loudspeakers and a full range of Kubala-Sosna cables to produce a very enjoyable sound at CES 2019. The music flowed and good times were had by attendees. Dohmann Audio would like to thank our exhibit partners for the opportunity to work with them & create some special memories.

CES 2019

Döhmann Audio exhibiting at CES Las Vegas 2019

December 2018

Döhmann Audio has teamed up with the wonderful people from Lamm Industries, Kharma Loudspeakers & Kubala Sosna Cables to present what promises to be one of the most enjoyable hi-fi systems at the upcoming 2019 International CES show in Las Vegas (Jan 08-Jan11).

We will be presenting a Helix One turntable which incorporates some of the new 2019 upgrades – the new Swiss motor, the PowerBase unit and carbon fibre top plate. The carbon fibre armboards and the Vacuum Hold Down function will be available in the next few months.

We will be at the Venetian Tower, Suite 35-309 (35th floor, suite 309). Please come and visit us, we would love to meet you.

Carbon Fibre Top Plate

Carbon Fibre Top Plate now available for the Helix One

December 2018

Carbon-fibre-reinforced-polymer, or simply Carbon Fibre, is a material made up of a woven carbon fibre fabric combined with a polymer resin which is then moulded to form a composite material. This is an extremely high strength, low weight material, mainly used in aerospace, aviation, automotive, racing and structural engineering.

Döhmann Audio has teamed up with a prominent Australian Carbon Fibre specialist (ex-Arrows Formula One) to create an option of replacing the top plate of the Helix One with a high-quality polished carbon fibre version. With its links to motorsport, the new carbon fibre top plate gives the Helix One a contemporary, racy, premium new aesthetic.

The Carbon Fibre option is available as an option for a new Helix One turntable or for a retrofit option for current owners.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre Composite Arm Boards Coming in 2019!

December 2018
Döhmann Audio has been developing a new carbon fibre composite armboard which promises to be a worthwhile upgrade option for the Helix One turntable. Should be ready for launch at the Munich High End 2019 show.

New Helix

Helix One upgrades coming soon

December 2018

Döhmann Audio has introduced some major upgrades to the critically acclaimed Helix One Turntable. A new Swiss-manufactured motor is available which incorporates the very latest technology around constant torque performance and quietness of operation.

Our new ‘PowerBase’ is designed to enhance the performance of the Helix One system with a new power supply and control software to drive the new motor. It also has special high frequency and RF absorption features, a suspension stabiliser for ease of operation during record changeover, a lighting control system and power filtration functions. The new PowerBase replaces the separate control box in the first generation Helix One

From March 2019, all new Helix One turntables will incorporate the new motor, PowerBase, carbon fibre armboards & top plate upgrades as standard. For current owners of the Helix One, these upgrades will be available as a factory retro-fit.


Döhmann Audio new distributor & dealer network

November 2018
Döhmann Audio now deals directly with a carefully selected team of Distributors and Dealers around the world. We will be providing full support to our customers through our partners as well as occasionally visiting different regions to do demonstrations and attending major hi-fi shows around the world. If you are a Döhmann Audio customer, or just interested in analogue audio, we would love to meet you!

dohmann HQ

Döhmann Audio moves into new premises

November 2018
Döhmann Audio moved into new headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. The research, development and assembly of all Döhmann Audio products is now done in Australia by Mark and his technical team. The company has made a significant investment in resources in preparation for the development of upgrades and new products.

dohmann logo

Döhmann Audio welcomes two new Directors

November 2018

Döhmann Audio welcomed two new Directors, George Moraitis and Jim Angelopoulos to the team, bringing a new level of business experience, resources and investment to the company. George will be responsible for sales, marketing and looking after the dealer network and Jim will be responsible for operations, logistics & finance. This will allow Mark and his team to focus on design, new product development, manufacturing and product presentations. Döhmann Audio looks forward to a new era of growth, bringing new products to market and building on its reputation for raising the bar for what is possible in contemporary analogue audio design.