Helix Two

Mk3 Power Supply

The Döhmann Audio Helix Two Mk3 has a new improved power supply. The previous Mk2 power supply was a very high-performance design that served the turntable well and initially, we had no intentions to make any changes to it. In 2020, we acquired a rare, state-of-the-art piece of test equipment which allowed us to analyse the power supply to the turntable motor with an unprecedented resolution. We explored the various types of electronic noise inherently present in such environments and discovered that on occasion, the MK2 power supply would experience an EMF ‘back wave’ or reflection from the motor, which would in turn affect the power supply.

We developed a new circuit that incorporated a specific capacitor bank and EFI suppression technology. We then physically separated the DC and AC elements of the circuit with enhanced shielding and then listened to the old power supply vs the new power supply. The new design delivered an even more enjoyable listening experience where the music had slightly greater dynamic contrasting yet with an overall smoother, more natural presentation.

Features of the new Helix Two Mk3 Power Supply:

  • New SupaCap capacitor power supply technology for fast DC low noise power delivery.
  • Enhanced EMF control and handling.
  • Enhanced RFI suppression featuring separate AC and DC mono blocks with shielded enclosures to remove intermodal noise artifacts.
  • New power availability indication and lighting control.
  • Gold pin XLR power connectors.
  • New firmware and software-based motion control.

We hope that the new power supply technologies assist you to enjoy your vinyl music collection with greater emotional connection – The Döhmann Audio Team.