Döhmann Audio turntables are designed to be used with a large selection of tonearms. The Helix One and Helix Two turntables have been fitted with Schröder, SAT, Graham Engineering, Acoustical Systems, Ikeda, Kuzma, SME, TW Acustic, Reed, Thales, Glanz, Supatrac, AMG, TriPlanar, Clearaudio and other well-known arms. Listed below is a range of tonearms that can be purchased at Dohmann Audio and supplied with your new Helix turntable if you wish. For those customers who have an existing tonearm and wish to use it as their main arm or extra arm, please supply us with the tonearm details and we will build a custom armboard to facilitate that specific tonearm.

Contact Dohmann Audio to discuss tonearm options and recommendations.