Döhmann Audio Munich 2024 demonstration

Döhmann at Munich High End 2024


At the Munich high End show this year, we made the decision along with our room partners Cessaro and Alieno, to relocate to a different room that was away from the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the traditional rooms that we have been using in the past.

Room F001 is immediately to the right of the main entrance on the ground floor in Hall 4, before the internal doors where visitor badges are checked. The room was selected because it was larger and away from the noisy parts of the show, allowing for a relaxed atmosphere and a suitable auditioning space.

In our ‘vinyl only space’, we exhibited our Helix One Mk3 turntable, fitted with a Reed 5T tonearm and the Supatrac Nighthawk. We also had a number of great cartridges on rotation, including the debut of the new My Sonic Lab Signature Diamond. Cessaro Horn Acoustics debuted their exciting new Zeta III speakers and Alieno debuted their new phono stage and incredible 150-120 LTD stereo amplifier.

Our decision paid off because the larger room allowed visitors to experience this super-system in quieter room without noisy neighbours. We were honoured and ultimately very grateful for the overwhelmingly positive reaction visitors had when experiencing our room. The sound was expansive, dynamic and at times had a visceral, palpable feel to it, bringing the music to life in a way that we never thought possible in show conditions. We were also highly appreciative to all the people who came specifically to visit us and spend time in our room, including clients and friends. We have committed to doing the same next year and we look forward to seeing you in 2025!

Here’s what Ken Micaleff from Stereophile magazine said about our room, even though he mentions a mysterious “Nick” Dohmann 😊

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