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No turntable in my experience comes close to its sonic performance and you are guaranteed to hear your favourite LP’s, indeed all of your LP’s, as you’ve never before heard them – I don’t care what ‘table you use or have heard.
Michael Fremer

The Audio Beat

the Helix One reproduced with impressive naturalness, detail and low-end power.
The Audio Beat

M & S best of 2018: Helix 1

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Döhmann Helix One listed in Best of 2018

Helix Two Press & Reviews

Sound Stage Australia

The Helix Two will keep you listening to music and re-experiencing its elevating pleasures. Mr Döhmann and his team have created yet another Aussie engineering and artistic marvel, further compounding Australia’s rep for awe-inspiring natural and man-made wonders…
Sound Stage Australia

haute fidelite

It goes even further than what you thought you could expect from a turntable and the fact that it clearly outperforms anything that we have ever listened to until now is a huge surprise.
Haute Fidelite

As with its bigger brother, the Helix 2 turntable has to be heard to be believed. The wide-open world of sound it releases from a vinyl groove is spine-tinglingly staggering.
Sound and Image

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…although it’s possible (but not provable) that it’s the best deck I’ve ever heard, it is most certainly, hand on heart, the very best turntable I have ever set up, sold, or had in my home.
Richard Morris