Melbourne, Australia

Sam is a Senior Pharmacist in Melbourne, who’s audio journey began when he was a teenager. Ever since he can remember, Sam had a strong attraction to music and he finally persuaded his parents to buy him his first pride and joy…..a PYE 3-in-1 music player.

This started his audio journey which he describes as ‘never-ending’. Sam still has the first album that he ever bought, ‘Kiss – Dynasty’ with Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ following soon after. He recalls saving his pocket money earned by doing paper runs and working odd jobs and then spending all of it purchasing albums.

Fast forward 30 years and numerous album purchases later, his affinity for music was rekindled with the purchase of the Australian designed and built Once Analog Turntable. It was paired with a SME-V tone arm and an Ortofon Black Cartridge. A few years later the OA Turntable made way for a Kuzma Stabi M turntable, a Kuzma 4-point arm and a Lyra Atlas cartridge.

A chance meeting with Mark Döhmann through a mutual acquaintance led to the opportunity to experience and later purchase The Dohmann Helix One turntable. Sam kept the Kuzma 4-point/Lyra Atlas tone arm and cartridge and added The Schröder tone arm/Miyajima Madake cartridge.

Among Sam’s perennial favourites are Pink Floyd: The Wall, Daft Punk: Random Access Memory, U2: The Joshua Tree Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms and Fleetwood Mack: Rumours.

He also has great memories of attending many concerts, including Pink Floyd: Momentary lapse of Reason tour at Melbourne Park, U2: At Melbourne Park Joshua Tree Tour & 360 Tour Etihad Stadiums, Pearl Jam: 2009 Tour at Etihad Stadium, AC/DC: Black Ice Tour at Etihad Stadium and Roger Waters: The Wall tour/Melbourne Park.

For Sam, realism in sound is paramount. A recording needs to sound live. Nature is not perfect nor is sound.

“The Helix One Turntable not only achieves that but brings music to life. It’s engaging, believable, dynamic, musical and most importantly real.”

System details


Döhmann Helix One


Kuzma 4-point & Schroder CB9


Lyra Atlas,
Miyajima Madake

Analogue Accessories:

Ypsilon Silver Step Up

Digital Sources:

Lindeman CD Player,
MSB Premier Dac

Other Sources:

Sonos Connect

Phono Preamplifier:

Ypsilon Silver,
Elektra PNYX


Ypsilon PST 100 Mk II


Ypsilon Hyperion Mono-blocks,
Elektra Reference HD Mono


Wilson Alexia

Cables (Signal):

Argento Serenity,
Ypsilon phono cable.

Cables (Power):


Power Accessories:

Isotek Evo


Custom cabinets

Room Treatment:

Minimal, currently in the planning stage.

Listening Room Dimensions:

6.5m x 8.5m
Also contains Home Theatre Dolby Atmos set up with twin REL 212/SE.